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​About us

Solar made your own electricity. Sun Station made life better.

​Who we are

We are an Australian-based solar system provider in Melbourne with extensive knowledge and expertise regarding solar PV panels, batteries, and systems. We have long and strong relationships with our varied suppliers, ensuring our product quality and price advantage.

We offer the best quality products and customised solar systems to individual customers and local communities. Our goal is to be objective, informative, and educational to help choose and install the most suitable system with the best quality and value. Over the years, we expanded our services by listening to our clients' needs to look after our customers better after they installed their systems, so we now can also do the panel’s cleaning.

Our Goal

Finding out an ideal solution with the lowest budget

Our Vision

To empower people to live long and prosper. Therefore, we carry the mission of promoting solar to encourage using renewable energy, reducing CO2 emission, and being environmentally friendly


Our Story

Since providing solar solutions to Victorians, our clients genuinely demand one-stop service. We devote ourselves to providing valuable consultation to households, so our clients always get various options and cost estimations depending on the requirements and budgets they hold. Professional products selection, tailored service package, and thoughtful and responsible after-sale care are the essential parts we got loved by Victorians.

​We provide one-stop solar panel system and add-on services and products, including solar panel cleaning services, in-home-display installations, and CCTV installations. Our professional electrical engineers provide consultations. With all support from our friendly team, we can always provide the most suitable solution to various circumstances. Jobs completed by qualified electricians and CEC qualified designers is the key to winning your satisfaction.

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Our Partner

Our Products


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